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Project Network Diagram Template Example

imageProject Network Dıagram <Project Name>         Company ... [full story]


Project Management Remote Presentations

imageRemote Presentations Remote presentations take the videoconference to the next level. Remote presenta- tions are presentations in which the receivers cannot actively participate, so the sender speaks to a large audience via technology similar to that applied in a video- ... [full story]


Videoconferencing of Project Management

imageVideoconferencing Many organizations have sufficient bandwidth to conduct videoconferences over the Internet, and some that have not yet reached that point have access via direct lines with videoconferencing centers in other cities or other facilities. The videocon- ference should be ... [full story]


Project Management E-Mail

imageE-Mail One place where project information must often ultimately be transferred is into an e-mail. E-mail is another vital application for projectmanagers, because it allows for the asynchronous transfer of information from the project team to others inside or outside ... [full story]


Project Management Software

imageProject Management Software Project managers often speak a language all their own. That language has been reflected in a special class of software since shortly after the advent of computers. Project management software was developed to track activities and tasks, ... [full story]

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