Our Mission

Business 2 Community prides itself on providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and actionable content on software reviews, buyer guides and more. Nothing excites us more than helping small and medium business owners find the right software solution, tactic, or strategy that’s right for their company.].

Our Editorial Principles

In every piece of content we right, we keep these 5 pillars of principle in mind:

1. We are Independent

Business 2 Community has been fiercely independent since its inception in 2011. B2C isn’t a mask or a mouthpiece for some big, faceless corporation to advertise on. When our community writers about something, it’s because our community needs it – and we’re going to tell it like it is. That means that our approach to software, companies, and entire industries is unbiased and honest.

We make money through advertising and affiliate links from brokers we recommend. Business2Community and our parent company, Finixio, do not have any direct financial interest in the products or software that we cover.

We don’t play favorites. Our editorial staff makes all final decisions about whether to recommend a product or service, and we won’t recommend something that we wouldn’t be excited to use or buy ourselves.

2. We are Objective

Independence from third-party interests is critical to our mission because it enables us to be objective. There’s no product, company or software that’s perfect. In our coverage we’re not afraid to show that. An imperfect company is a more realistic company and one that we know our readers is more likely to trust.

We’re not always perfect ourselves, but throughout our reviews, we aim to be fair and balanced. We’re motivated solely by empowering you to make the best decision for your business – even if that means the software we’re covering isn’t right for you.

3. We are Approachable

Business 2 Community is for everyone. Our audience ranges from CMOs who’ve been working in enterprises for 20 years, right down to the solo entrepreneur getting their shop launched. We approach every piece of content with this diverse audience in mind.

We pride ourselves on giving practical, useful advice – and not just generic, bland content that doesn’t commit one way or another. Our experienced team understands what it takes to get an online business to flourish. Where we believe it will help our readers, we include images or links to third-party sites.

4. We are Accountable

Our goal is to be 100% accurate in everything we write, and we do our best to get close. When we get something wrong, we don’t shy away from it – you’ll find corrections and updates throughout our content.

We also guide ourselves by our privacy policy and terms.

5. We are Dedicated

B2C is here for our community. Everything we do is driven by your needs, and so much of what we do is driven by your content contributions as well. From software reviews to emerging marketing trends and the latest news, we strive to give you the actionable advice you need to run your business successfully.